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My name is Marta Rodríguez Rivas and I'm passionate about computers. Maybe it sounds cliché, but since I was two years old, my parents put a pc with a strange SEGA simulator in front of me, I didn't separate from it. In the beginning, I was fascinated by all those games, but as time went by I became interested in knowing how all that might have worked.

That's how I got started in computer science and what later pushed me to pursue a career in computer engineering. In addition to working full time, I'm finishing my master's degree in computer engineering.

During the academic period, I've specialized in software development, although I would also like to acquire knowledge in new areas of computer science.

I consider myself a person who takes care of details and curious enough to go beyond day by day. Throughout this time working, I have learned to work under pressure, look for quick solutions to problems that arise, and quickly assume new responsibilities. I also have social skills that facilitate a good working environment.

I devour books, make music (or try to), and enjoy all kinds of sports in my free time.



  • November 2021 - Present


    Software Engineer

    Denodo is one of the leading companies in data management and virtualization. I belong to the labs team, where we do research in order to develop and maintain new components used for the main application to cover our clients' necessities.

    • Development using Java, Python, Language M(MS): my tasks involve the development of Denondo components (or connectors) for any type of data source. Most of these tasks are developed in Java, but in many cases we also require Python, C#, and M (MS language).

    • Research: n the vast majority of the tasks, these connectors do not exist in the market and we require to investigate new solutions. As an example, I had to create a connector for translating Protobuf data from Kafka to our core application.

    • Working with differents sources: I have worked with differents plataforms and data sources like mongoDB, Kafka, Microsoft Excel, SAP Universe, MySQL, Oracle database, PowerBI, and HL7.

    • Analys new solutions:when the technical team develops a new solution for a cosutmer, I have to study the viability of its integration onto the main or core application. If this is possible, I must improve the modeling and create a new application connector for them.

    • Clients meetings: I am actively involved in the discussion of new solutions to support cases and other feature requests from customers.

    • Resolution of incidences: support team also scalates some requests within the company to our work group.

  • April 2020 - November 2021


    Software Engineer

    I was part of a team working for the Galician health service, which has allowed me to participate in the development of new and multiple applications and tools needed in the context of the pandemic, gaining experience in working under pressure and finding solutions in an efficient and quick manner.

    • Full-stack development using Java, .NET, VB: development of several web services for the interconnection of health service applications and in the creation and maintenance of several management software applications where the primary care management application stand out.

    • Agile methodologies (SCRUM): risk mitigation, self-managed teams, daily meetings, retrospective meetings.

    • Relational and NoSQL database management(MySQL, MongoDB).

    • Requirements analysis (JIRA): attending meetings with the client from which the requirements to be fulfilled are extracted to translate them into a tool such as Jira.

    • Design and modeling (Enterprise Architect): prototyping, using architecture and design patterns, previous documentation.

    • Process automation: use Selenium for the realization of acceptance tests. I am also in charge of automating processes that facilitate the group's daily work; an example would be the automation of the search and uploading of files or dependencies to the project repository.

    • Continuous integration (Jenkins): I was in charge of maintaining and controlling the applications and services in which we use continuous integration.

    • Resolution of incidences that the support team scales us to keep the management software free of errors and make it more agile and usable for the user.

    • Weekly on-call: be in charge of all incidents 24 hours a day.



  • September 2020 - Present

    Universidade de A Coruna

    Master's degree in computer engineerin

    I'm currently working on my master's thesis, a cross-platform web application for elderly care support using modern technologies such as Angular and agile methodologies.

  • September 2014 - February 2020

    Universidade de A Coruña

    Degree in computer Engineering in the specialization of Software engineering

  • September 2012 - June 2014

    IES Miguel Ángel González Estévez

    Scientific Baccalaureate

    Passed with an average grade of 9.1






SPA web application for the management of a nutrition office

This project aims to improve the management of a dietetic cabinet by developing a web application that allows dietitians to manage the internal structure of the cabinet and provides tools for monitoring and treatment of their patients.

The application allows the registration of administrative profiles of the cabinet responsible for maintaining information about its employees and having the ability to register or delete them from the system. In addition, registered dietitians will be able to access the application to use it as a tool to manage their patients and their follow-up and create specialized diets and maintain information about the foods, recipes, and meals used in them. On the other hand, the patients registered by the dietitians will also have access to the application to observe not only their information and a history of their body measurements, but they will also be able to access the diets generated for them and the relevant information on the recipes that compose them so that the patient knows how to carry them out correctly.

The application is also a means of communication for the patient and the dietitian, bringing both parties closer together so that communication between them is fluid and they do not have to wait for the next consultation.

In my repository you can see one of the first versions of the application used as a final degree work, scored with a 9.5. The current version has not been released since it is a product with a actual use.

Throughout this project, scrum has been used as an agile methodology, in addition to applying new technologies such as react. For more information regarding technical aspects, please refer to the following report:

Cross-platform web application for elderly care support

I'm currently working on my master's thesis, a cross-platform web application for elderly care support using modern technologies such as React and agile methodologies.


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